PCB capability
Item Project Capability Note
1 Layer Count 1L ~ 40L
HDI,Anylayer,depth controlled slot,Probe Card
2 Laminate Materials FR4,PTFE,Polymide,Rogers,MCPCB,FR4+Rogers, Isola+FR4  
3 Board Thickness Double-sided 0.2mm-8.0mm  
Multilayer 0.3mm-8.0mm  
4 Size finished dimensions(Maxma) 700mm width<500mm
finished dimensions(Minima) 10mm  
5 Inner Layers Minimum space from drilling to inner pattern 3.5mil  
Minima core thickness 0.08mm  
Pad Ring(Minima) 4mil Tenting
Minimum trace width / space 2.5/2.5mil Copper Weight 0.5oz or less
6 Drilling Minimum size 0.1mm  
hole tolerance (PTH & NPTH) NPTH+/- 2mil
PTH+/- 3mil
Drill Deviation (True position size) +/- 2mil  
Laser Drill 0.3mm or less  
Aspect ratio 20  
7 SMD PAD PAD Deviation ±25um  
Pad Size (minima) 100um  
Pad Size tolerance ±30um  
Pad Pitch 200um  
Pad Spacing 100um  
8 Outer Layers Minimum trace width / space 2.5/2.5mil Copper Weight 0.5oz or less
9 Surface Finish HASL / Lead Free HASL(thickness) 0.7mil  
immersion gold(thickness) 1u”-8u”  
Hard gold plating (thickness) 3u” ~ 50u”  
10 Solder Mask Thickness 0.4 mil ~ 2mil  
Deviation 2mil  
color green,light green,matte green,white,extreme white,black,matte black,purple,dark brown,yellow,red,blue,transparent  
11 Silkscreen color white,black,yellow,red,blue,green  
Minimum size 28mil  
Minimum trace width 3mil inkjet printing
14 Copper Weight Inner copper weight 1/3 oz ~ 6 oz  
Outer copper weight 0.7oz ~ 12oz  
15 Bow and twist 3/1000~7/1000  
16 BGA PAD Ball Pitch 12mil no trace between BGA pad
Ball spacing 4mil