FPC capability
NC Drilling 
Layer Count Minimum size(A) Normal sizePAD(C) Single side hole ring(B) Minimum size PAD  
Double side 0.10mm 0.35mm 0.125mm 0.30mm
1L+1L 0.15mm 0.40mm 0.125mm 0.35mm
3L or more 0.15mm 0.45mm 0.15mm 0.4mm
4L or more 0.2mm 0.5mm 0.15mm 0.45mm
Flex-rigid 0.2mm 0.5mm 0.15mm 0.45mm
Drilling size range 0.1mm~6.5mm
Hole tolerance   ±0.01mm
True position size ±0.05mm
Copper Plating
Type Copper weight range Normal Capability Special Capability Remark
Sculptural Copper Plating 300±100u” 400±120u”  
Double side 450±150u”
1L+1L 10~30u” 600±200u” 800±250u”
3L or more
4L or more
Flex-rigid 600u” or more
Remark Drilling Minimum siz 0.1mm,Aspect ratio8:1
Trace width / space Layer Count Copper Weight Minimum trace width Minimum trace space Remark
Singel side 1OZ 3mil 3mil  
1/2OZ 2mil 2mil
1/3OZ 1.8mil 1.8mil
Double side 1OZ 3mil 3mil Normal Copper Plating 300±100u”
1/2OZ 2.5mil 2.5mil
1/3OZ 2mil 2mil
1/3OZ 1.8mil 1.8mil  Only PTH Cu
Stiffener Material type Tolerance Special tolerance Remark
CVL ±0.3mm ±0.2mm CVL Spilled glue≦0.10mm
Minimum  SUS size3mm X 5mm
Coverlay Material type Minimum Opening Minimum space from Opening to inner pattern
CVL 0.5mm 0.30mm
Printing Project Project Normal Minimum Remark
Silkscreen Tolerance ±0.3mm ±0.2mm The color is specified by the customer
Minimum 0.12mm 0.1mm
Height 1.0mm 0.8mm
Solder Mask Hot bake Tolerance ±0.35mm ±0.3mm
Thickness 20±10um
Solder Mask development Deviation ±0.075mm ±0.05mm
Mask spacing 0.1mm(min)
Minimum Opening 0.4mm X 0.4mm
Thickness 20±10um
Project Project Normal Tolerance Minimum Tolerance Remark
Etching Pitch to Pitch ±0.3mm ±0.2mm The smallest tolerances require precision molding
Total Pitch(≦50mm) ±0.3mm ±0.2mm
Punching First Gold Finger Pin to Dimensions ±0.01mm ±0.05mm
Gold Finger to Dimensions ±0.075mm ±0.05mm
Dimensions 0.1mm
Minimum Angle R 0.2mm 0.15mm
NPTH to NPTH ±0.075mm ±0.05mm
NPTH to Dimensions 1.5mm 1.0mm
Trace to Dimensions 0.2mm
Minimum Punching hole 0.5mm
NPTH Tolerance ±0.5mm
Surface Treament
Project Project Ni/Au spec Characteristic
Hard gold plating Normal Ni 2um~6um  
Au 0.025~0.075um or 0.05um(min)
Thick Gold Au 0.2um~0.8um
Immersion gold Normal Ni 0.75um~2um
Au 0.025~0.075um
OSP thickness OSP 0.2um~0.5um
Board thickness tolerance 1L、2L ±0.03mm(±10%)  
3L or more ±0.05mm(±10%)